I got this text tonight, “Not to scare you, but as every second ticks by I fall deeper in love with you.”

Awhile back I listed my list of wants in a partner. A dream list. Would you believe me if I said I found him? At the time some snarky male reader commented that he probably doesn’t exist and I’m here to say YES HE DOES.

Last June I met someone. We connected. I got scared. I freaked out big time. I broke things off.

He waited 7 weeks until my birthday to text me a happy birthday message. 7 weeks for an excuse to text me.

Is he perfect? No. Is he perfect for me? I think he might be.

I can be myself with him. I can be strong when I need to, soft, or vulnerable when I need to, and he accept me just the same. It’s exhilarating.

I don’t think I could have found him without going through the stuff of the last 6 years. All the awfulness just makes me appreciate him even more. It set me up to find him and, eventually, to accept him. To allow him space in my life and in my heart.

Oh, and we’re engaged. It’s been a couple months now. No wedding plans yet. I’m fully comfortable with being engaged forever! But we’ll get there eventually. House remodels, kids graduating from high school, work, travel, all that fun life stuff, is taking precedence right now and that’s just fine with us.

Thank you to my readers for following along on my sometimes painful journey. The journey continues on a slightly different path now than I expected it would. Having a respectful, loving, giving partner is really freakin’ awesome and I highly recommend it.

Oh, and here’s a pic or two of my senior, just because he’s good, clever, & handsome:

Peace, love, & protein,