We moved here almost 6 years ago. We left a congested city, a small house, bad air pollution, and, the only bad part, my family. There have definitely been ups and downs, good and bad, but overall I’m so glad we made that move.

We have such a better living environment here. For reals. Bigger home, better neighbors, better feeling of community. It’s safer. It’s a healthier lifestyle for the whole family.

I miss my family terribly at times. It has gotten easier with every subsequent year, though, and I have found that I (mostly) get my fill of family time in our regular visits. It’s tough to miss the good things – like visits with my grandma, holiday celebrations, weddings, or baby births – but missing the drama, the inevitable family bickering or gossip or intrigue that happens with a close family, really balances things out nicely.

Here’s some IG to prove Idaho awesomeness:

We bought wood on the side of the road coming home from my in-law’s one evening. Just grabbed a bundle and put $3 in the money box.

Yep. NBD.

As the hubby was grabbing the wood, I snapped this pic. Farmland sunset. Hello? Gorgeous. This was taken 5 minutes from my house. And, okay, maybe I could get this same pic back in California but I didn’t. I got it here, in Idaho.

The drive-in. The only drive-in in the area and it’s about an hour outside of town. It’s extremely family-oriented, clean, and has been run by the same family (who live next door to the theater) since the 70’s. Oh, and all the bathroom stalls have doors. This is a step up from my hometown drive-in, believe it or not.

I live in a beautiful, community-minded city. This is a pic of the Saturday Farmer’s market. It spans 2 blocks one way and 3 blocks another way and it’s ah-maz-ing. Good food, good people, good vibe. I love that the downtown area is essentially shutdown for foot traffic only for like 5 hours every Saturday. Awesome sauce.

There’s so much more. The river that bi-sects the city. The 30+ miles of greenbelt. The Shakespeare Festival. The gorgeous parks.

I miss the ocean & the beaches of California. I miss Disneyland.

I can still visit those places, but I can really LIVE here.

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