I’m a fickle little thing and I’m feeling the need to change things up a bit around here at Hear Me Roar. Here are the likely changes you’ll see happening semi-soon:

1. I’m likely moving over to WordPress. I think so. I’m almost sure. I hate Blogger’s comments section. I want to be able to comment back on specific comments. I also want to section out my blog so I can have multiple sections – which takes us to point two . . .

2. I’m probably going to segment the blog out a little bit and add a section on cooking. This is primarily inspired by my niece, Jenell, who called me yesterday and said, “Aunt Stef, I need you to show me how to cook. Can I have some of your recipes?” She’s young, married just a few years with two little kids and a husband who works a lot. She needs some basic recipes and techniques to work with; the basics and a bit more. I said I would send her recipes and then I thought, OH MY GAWD, I can’t imagine organizing my recipes enough to send to her without doing something MORE with them, you know? Like putting them out there in a blog for other people to use. So, that’s just what I’m going to do.

3. Name change. Yep, I’m changing Hear Me Roar to something else. I have a few ideas. Nothing set in stone yet, but maybe something with “sassy” in the title. Because I’m sassy. (My husband says so). Hear Me Roar is always going to be aligned with the women’s lib movement and, though I’m AM a feminist, I don’t necessarily write about those things. I need a name that will reflect the foodie in me as well. So the name change is about finding a name that’s perfectly me.

Back to the foodie thing. I have to admit it: I am a foodie. I love good food. My husband said the other day that he thinks when we really cook a good meal it’s better than what we can get at most restaurants. Plus it’s made with love just for us and our friends and family.

I love cooking & baking. Love it. If I could quit my job I would go back to school to be a baker and open a bakery/coffee shop thing of some sort. (As if we don’t have enough of those, right?) But, seriously, my husband worked as a barista eons ago and managed a coffee shop – we could do this. The thought just absolutely makes me giggle. And if it was a used book store too? Heaven.

Okay, so that’s a bit of a pipe dream, right? Right. In the meantime I’ll be changing my blog so keep an eye out.

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