So, I mentioned in my previous post that I was having all kinds of fun with my new iPhone and the Instagram app. I’ve taken a few good pictures, a few scary pictures, and a few awww moment pictures. Now I’m going to share them with you.

Lucky, lucky you.

First, a mommy and bubba moment. Me, in my orange Life is Good slippers and my little guy,”Mom, take a picture of our feet!” Okay, buddy:
There are those little feet again, at the river this time. The water level was raised over the weekend and we went to check it out:
Climbing on fallen trees is important business, yo.
So is skipping rocks.
I went to a Tastefully Simple party in a small town called Star. Rest assured, it’s not as shiny as it sounds. The Merc in town (short for mercantile, you see) sells food, automative and hunting supplies. What more could you need?
That’s an awww husband & wife moment, isn’t it?
After the party I enjoyed the scenery on the way back to my town, the “big city” in these here parts:
Back at home I set about re-purposing a room to accommodate some growing-up boys and their computer gaming homework needs:
Half way through. Tortoise Bob is happy to be in the sun.
I went on a date with my husband to a winery where we had good food and listened to a great singer. I had a hard time seeing the singer through this glass though:
(I love this picture so much I want to marry it. Or something.)
I watched my husband put together his new fancy-dancy turntable (thanks in-laws!):
I made cookies. Yum:
Dark chocolate and butterscotch. Swoon.
I lamented about my 80’s style bathroom. I love my house, but I don’t think hate is too heavy of a word for this rose pink & teal dysfunctional cold pit of hell that has missed any refurbishing the rest of the house has received:
Bathtub. Fits 24 1/2 people and takes 5,000 gallons to fill.
(Someone please tell me how to win a bathroom makeover. I’m begging you. There are roses on the tiles for pete’s sake.)
Then, to recover from my bathroom mourning, I got my hair did:
So did my husband but he won’t let me post the picture of his foil-wrapped, ahem, naturally blond (not gray, oh no) roots. In fact, this isn’t a picture of him under the dryer. Nope, not at all:
I hope you enjoyed this journey through Instagram with me. I’ll try not to make it too much of a habit but I make no promises. I’m in luuuuurrrvveee with my iPhone. You’ll just have to bear with me in this heady, swoony beginning of a relationship infatuation stage.
Yours in iPhone bliss,

4 thoughts on “Not quite wordless Wednesday

  1. haha you said luuuuuurve. The iphone photo Monday is a weekly regular for me now. Seriously My camera is I don't even know where.

  2. Awesome post!!!! And your bathroom has nothing on mine….its brown and orange yep…brown toilet and sink, orange countertop and an itty bitty stand up shower. No tub…only 1 bath out of the 3 has a tub. If you figure out how to win a makeover let me know cause I want one too :0)

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