Hi, I’m Stefanie – but you can call me Stef. (Or Steph if you don’t know me well. I’ll answer to it. But if you’re a friend and you write Steph I must tell you that I’ll get a little ticked off. Fair warning).

This is what I look like, with commentary. Because, oh my goodness, where did those wrinkles come from?? This is me, apparently, at 37 3/4 years old. I thought I was still 25, no? But – posting it in the interest of just keepin’ it real. This is it. Love me or leave me. (Don’t answer that).


Things you should know about me:

Most importantly, I’m a mom to two amazing boys. Ages 11 & 9 (as of this writing).

  • My older one is clever, witty, and so completely gorgeous. He’s also ADHD. He’s played baseball, soccer and the trumpet. None of these things have made his heart sing like Legos do. We’ll see where this one ends up; for now – he’s headed to middle school.


  • My little dude is cute as a freakin’ button and too Smarty Jones for his own good. While looking at a travel clock that changes time zones by adjusting a dial, he exclaimed, “What an extraordinary device!” And then I fainted. He’s also high-functioning Autistic with ADHD.


I’m also a worker bee – I do stuff related to taking down online fraud, phishing and malware and dabble in online corporate brand protection as well. This is what I most often look like at work:

June 2013 edited

Why I’m blogging:

  • For me. To get the “me-ness” in me back. Somewhere in the last 14 years I had forgotten what is unique about me and starting this blog was my first step to getting it back. Writing about the things I love – that are part my life – has helped me do that. It has also helped me empower myself. Stand up for what is right – both personally, at a micro level, and outside my little sphere at a macro level.
  • In my process, my journey, I hope to help other moms feel less alone and more like a member of the tribe.
  • I am superwoman. (And so are you).


A few other things about me:

  • This is my new motto:

responsible for my own happiness


  • I miss my Grandma – the best Grandma in the entire world. Boy, was I lucky to have her:



  • I make things with felt. It’s a compulsion and I can’t stop:
  • Felt_projects_originalI love snocones. Tiger’s Blood. Oh man.


Peace, love, rock & roll and chocolate!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Stef (not Steph),
    I love your blog site! I received it as a google alert – so glad I opened it : )
    Anyway, just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your post “5 Things”, so I tweeted it around.
    I look forward to reading more!

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