I didn’t think a lot had happened since I posted last time but then I went back and reviewed my Instagram pics and was like holy shitsnacks, Batman!

Kids and soccer and baseball.
Babies being born.
Grandpa dying.
Yard blooming.
Brotherly stuff.
School ending.
Car sales.
Mama ducks.

So here’s just some of what’s been going on and I’ll keep my blathering to a minimum.


Soccer wrapped up (thankyouverymuch!) and we survived, somehow. 

That’s my baby, second from the right.

Big baby. (And as soon as I saw this pic we drove straight to the salon for 2 boy haircuts. Wowza.)

My yard started blooming. I love my house this time of year more than any other.

Peony. I only got 3 this year. Sadness.

Yellow Rose of Tex . . . , er, Idaho.

I love taking pics of sunsets. Or sunrises (but I’m not usually awake that early now). Or Sunbursts. Or the sky in general.

It’s like a blank canvas every day and the sun and the clouds are the artists.

I think I have a problem. I should get a bumper sticker that says, “I brake for sunsets.”

Baseball started for my oldest .

We’re Dodgers this year. Also? Sunburst.

And here’s a few other random pics because I just can’t get into the bigger stuff right now. Yet. But I will.

My little dude got to help his Papa steer the golf cart after the battery died. Shhh – don’t tell the other grandkids. It’s Papa’s rule that the kids can’t drive it until they are 13.

Even 10 year olds need Daddy cuddles sometimes.

Mama got a new pair of shades. Oh yeah, baby.

I hope your Spring and Early Summer are  fun, beautiful and full of happiness.



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