Pumpkins. The color palette of red, yellow & orange as the backdrop of our days.

The falling leaves, and leaf piles for diving into and driving through.

Crispness in the air. Baked apple crisp. Wood-burning fireplace smoke.

Halloween. Decorating. Fun, themed festivities.

I took this picture yesterday evening. The colors are so gorgeous. It may have been 80 degrees at the time, but I  looked at this tree and I imagined Fall arriving and settling in all around me.

The tree is indicative of Summer at the top and Fall at the bottom; blue skies & greenery evolving to rich golds & reds. We’re in transition and so is this tree.

Pretty soon we’ll have to close our windows. We haven’t run the A/C in weeks. It’s been so nice. Such a confusing time of year for dressing. Hoodies or sweaters in the morning and shorts and t-shirts in the afternoon.

We need to start preparing for winter. We need to buy some firewood for our outdoor firepit and our indoor wood-burning stove. My car needs new tires so I’ll have good grip on the slippery, icy, snowy roads this winter.

We should pull out the winter coats and see who needs a new one.

Last Saturday was my birthday and every year it heralds the beginning of my favorite time of year.

My birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Love, merriment, gaiety, joy, thankfulness and gift-giving.


Welcome to Fall.

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