Okay, I’ve been using the Oil Cleansing Method for a while now. Off and on. When I’m not too tired.

Anyway, let me back up. I thought I had posted about the OCM previously but I think I did and deleted it accidentally on purpose. Because I’m an idiot and didn’t think ahead or something. (Or maybe I just had a mind-numbing headache when I did that, as I do now. If so, all is forgiven). So, instead of linking you to my initial post I’ll link you to Joni’s – because she’s smart, my inspiration and blogging guru, and she’s the reason I tried this whole OCM thing to begin with: OCM – a review by Joni at Mommabare.com.

If you don’t wan to read that then here’s a short recap: instead of washing with cleanser you simply “cleanse” your face with a combination of oils. Castor Oil and some other carrier oil like Olive Oil or Sunflower Oil. Rub it in, steam it with a hot washcloth for a few minutes and wipe it off. The oil cleans away make-up and the oil-dissolves-oil method is supposed to be a superior way of getting rid of blemishes.

I started this a while back. Probably in February. I use a mix of Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil.


1. Hands down, the best thing about this method is the quickness with which it dissolves blemishes. If I feel a pimple coming on then I just make sure I use the OCM that evening before bed. After I wipe it all off I’ll take just a fingertip of oil and rub it into the blemish. In the morning the spot is gone. Poof. For reals. Even the hubby is using the oil for blemishes now.
2. The smell. I love the peppermint and tea tree oil eucalyptus smell. When I put the hot washcloth on my face I kind of “cup” it around my jawline to get it off my nose and then I breathe deeply. I like to think it helps my sinuses to breathe in the eucalyptus oil but that’s pure speculation.
3. It’s relaxing. It’s a nice before bed ritual. Rubbing that oil into my face with my eyes closed I find my mind drifting and it’s nice. Sometimes I’ll turn some soothing music on first. Then I go to bed all peaced-out with a clean face and smelling good. I like smiling as I’m falling asleep. I can just imagine it makes my dreams better (again, pure speculation on my part).


1. My face has a tendency to get dry in my “t-zone” and, wow, when I tried using the OCM several days in a row my face got all flaky. So I backed off to every other night. And I tried altering the combination of oils – less castor oil, specifically. I found that I still got too dry. So now I only cleanse using OCM every 2-3 days, or when needed for pending blemishes. I also started putting a night cream moisturizer on after the OCM. In the morning when I shower I use a light cleanser only on the mornings when I DIDN’T use the OCM the night before. I also use moisturizer after my shower.
2. I have a tendency to push myself at night to stay up as late as possible until I’m so sleepy I can hardly put myself to bed. The nights I do that I can’t/don’t use the OCM because I’m not really functioning at that point. Too close to collapsing in my bed. So the consistency thing is hard for me.
3. I can’t think of a third con. Really.

So, overall, I like it. I think I could still mess with the formula to make a combination that is less drying for me and would allow me to use it more often – but then again, unless I change my bedtime habits I don’t know if I could/would use it more often. I currently have no blemishes (when I probably should right now, if YKWIM) and I’m happy with it.

I have a sinus headache right now. I’m going to go use the neti pot (which I love) and clean my face using the OCM and see if the combination of the two (and the eucalyptus and massage from the OCM) can help my headache dissipate.

Good night, peeps.

3 thoughts on “Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) – a limited review

  1. Try it! It can't hurt. Maybe you won't use it every day but only occasionally when needed. It's good to have on hand.I saw a girlfriend yesterday who tends to have an oily face and breakouts and I wanted to tell her about OCM so BADLY but then I thought that would just be rude and I should keep my mouth shut. So maybe she'll read my blog and become inspired. 🙂

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