The Glee gay-shippers got their glee on last night when Kurt finally got his first romantic kiss with a boy. I heart Kurt & Blaine. 
(Even though I can’t hear the name Blaine without thinking of that line from Pretty in Pink when Duckie says, “His name is Blaine? That’s a major appliance not a name!” I digress. Often. Moving on.)
Okay, so why is this a big deal to me?

Because I think everyone should be able to fall in love with whoever they happen to fall in love with – and I don’t think society can regulate that.

Because previously when there have been guy/guy kisses on the major networks it’s been a BIG DEAL. Like, alert the media and make sure all those that might be offended are warned far in advance so they can avoid it and not be slapped in the face by a *gasp* guy/guy kiss. Oh, the horror.

Because when I watched Brokeback Mountain I saw a sad, sad  love story – not a controversial role for two straight actors.

Last night was like that for me. I had no idea Blaine & Kurt were going to go there on the show last night. And it was done so wonderfully, and in the course of the story and in the fullness of time – that is, a natural arc to that storyline. Not gratuitously. Not for ratings. Not to make a spectacle or prove a point. It was done with forethought, and romance, and it was natural. 
The fact that I’m not bombarded by it in the entertainment news today is significant. I think that bodes well for acceptance of same-sex relationships, and smooching, on tv and, hopefully, same-sex marriage in real life, everywhere, as well.

They held hands. They acted couple-y. When I saw Kurt’s face after the kiss I may even have had a tear well up. Kurt & Blaine forever!(Or, you know, the rest of the season).

4 thoughts on “All Hail Glee!

  1. Although I don't watch Glee, I'm excited to see you write about this. Until reading your post I knew nothing about a guy/guy kiss that was going to be shown….yea for the media/tv people for not making this into a circus!Go GLEE GUYS Kiss!!!!!

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