My little one has been snotty all weekend and was running a low temp Saturday night before bed. He refuses most medicines, no matter what form, so it’s always fun and bath-requiring tp administer liquid meds. (I exaggerate a little – we’ve got it down to a science now with two of us tag-teaming him, but if it’s just one of us then it’s gonna get messy. And frustrating). 
First, though, the good of the weekend:
I had a great day on Saturday. I dropped my oldest off to stay the night with a cousin, and then picked up a girlfriend to go to an afternoon get-together at another friend’s house. I had a yummy skinny-girl margarita (does that mean I’m skinny? No? Darn.) at the party and hung out with four other women. Fun. Then we did a little shopping and went to a pub for dinner, just my friend and I. Later when I got home I hung out with the little snuffily man that evening and then watched a movie (Inception) with the hubby when he got done with his work for the day. (He works freelance and it’s definitely not an 8-5, M-F gig).
The bad:
We were supposed to go to a birthday party at my in-law’s house on Sunday but little snuffily man was too snuffily and I was afraid of getting the other kiddos sick so I stayed home with him and sent the hubby without me. That’s not so bad. But I was unmotivated to do laundry, clean the kitchen, or otherwise work on any meaningful project at my house. I just lounged on the sofa snuggling with the little guy and we watched a Disney movie together. Again – not so bad, but I feel guilty for not being more motivated. 
I also feel guilty for neglecting the blog these past few days. Apologies. 
(Side note: I don’t know why I always feel such enormous amounts of guilt. It’s built into my very nature and no matter what I do I can’t get rid of it. Ugh. I’m not even Catholic!)
Now the worst: 
We just found out that the cousin our oldest stayed the night with on Saturday went to urgent care on Sunday evening and tested positive for strep. Fan-effing-tastic.
Now I have started to feel run down. My skin feels hot and tingly. Maybe it’s the power of suggestion. Maybe it’s hanging out with snuffily man all weekend.
On the bright side – I did do a load of dishes and two loads of laundry. I made lasagna for dinner and some chocolate chip cookies too. I also beat Plants vs. Zombies again. Oh, wait, that’s counter-productive to the other items on the list, isn’t it? Oh well. Everything in moderation, right? Balance work with fun and all that. 
I do have some blog thoughts percolating but none have really sunk in and grabbed hold yet. It’s coming, I promise. 

Thank you for letting me spew, my dear friends. Apologies. Pray, chant, light a candle, whatever, that Strep doesn’t invade my house. Please and thank you.

One thought on “Sickness is invading. Craptastic.

  1. This is the thing no one tells you about when you have kids… how much time they will spend SICK. There should be a disclaimer. Hope everyone is well now.

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