Bless him, the hubby let me sleep in. Then, when he was so hungry he couldn’t wait anymore, he crawled into bed with me and said he had already cooked the potatoes and could I please get my lazy arse out of bed and make him a scramble? Fine, fine! 
I got up and staggered my bones to the kitchen and began cooking. In the same pan as the cut up and sauteed potatoes, I added diced ham, aromatics (onion & garlic), and let it all combine on medium low heat. Then whisked 5 eggs, a diced scallion, and salt & pepper in a separate bowl. I added the egg mixture in and stirred a few times to scramble all together. Then turned the burner off, put some cheese on top and put the lid on to let the cheese melt. It was YUM. Plus I had enough leftover to make 6 breakfast burritos for us next week. Total score.
We sat down to eat breakfast and decided to flip on the Netflix and watch the 1st episode of Doctor Who (since it was restarted in 2005). It’s been highly recommended from our friend, Britt. But I think the jury is still out with me and the hubs. We’ll have to watch a few more before we decide. 
Then we started our day in earnest. I sent the kids to take out the recycling and play. Lo and behold they decided to do work:
Took out the recycling
Swept out the laundry room . . .
. . . and continued in the garage
The hubby continued working on my oldest’s invention for his Invention Convention – due this week at school:
the Pull & Dress – more on this later
Bob was doing his thing:
Russian Tortoise. Bob.
So I lit some candles:
A gift for Valentine’s Day from the hubby
and began snapping some pics of a few of my favorite things:
My fancy Jane Austen books – a gift many, many years ago
Willow Tree people – gifts from my family
My grandmother-in-law gave this egg cup to me from her collection. I love it dearly!
I’m thinking of making something now. Something a little sweet and possibly a little savory as well. Hmmm . . .

5 thoughts on “Anatomy of a snap-happy Sunday

  1. I LOVE that egg cup. I love stuff like that in general. I've been doing some favorite things pictures too. 🙂 Also I like eggs. Jealous.

  2. I will say I haven't watched much of the Chris Eccleston (Doctor 9) year of Doctor Who. But I am a total fan girl of David Tennett (Doctor 10, who is after him. So if you get unsure you should skip to him (he is amazing/was Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter). Also Matt Smith (Doctor 11) is really great too! PS I kinda love Doctor Who.

  3. Really? It just seems so – out there. I do actually like Chris Eccleston. I thought he was the best part of the 2 episodes we have watched so far. I didn't realize there have been 11 doctors! Holy cow. How's Washington? And how's that baby cookin'?

  4. thank you so much for stopping by… and finding that old post! every day i go thru the "wish i was a SAHM" thing, but every day i'm grateful for my job.thanks again for visiting and hope to see you around soon!! 🙂

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