I have been asked for this recipe several times lately so I thought I would just share it here. It’s super easy to make, and quick, but you probably don’t keep some of these ingredients on hand. At least I don’t! But it’s worth it. 
I can’t take credit for this – I got it from my friend Jenni’s mom. 
Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder

2 whole chicken breasts
1 onion (chopped)

2 garlic cloves (chopped)
1 Tbsp. of oil

Saute chicken, onion & garlic in oil until chicken is cooked through. (Do it in a large pot so you don’t have to dirty two pans!) Cube the chicken when cooked and put back in the pot.

2 cans creamed corn
2 cups half & half
2 cups monterey jack cheese, shredded
1 can diced green chiles
2 tsp. cumin (to taste)

Bring to a simmer and add:
A splash of hot sauce (to taste)
Chopped fresh cilantro (to taste)

If the soup seems thin it can be thickened with corn starch. We like to make it thick and then eat it with tortilla chips. Totally YUM. 

DRINK (of the alcohol variety)
Now, I’m not a huge drinker. Really, 3 is usually my limit and I’m such a control-freak that I tend to always opt to be the designated driver. In the past I have never been one to try shots; I just wasn’t into drinking to get drunk – and what else is the purpose of a shot?? 
Well, our good friend Brittain introduced me to a shot that I love. It’s sweet and sour and I can drink them down almost like water. (Not really, but, almost). Try this. I make 2 cups of this at a time and keep it in the fridge. You know, for emergencies. 
Chocolate Cake Shots
1/2 shot citrus vodka 
1/2 shot Frangelico hazelnut liqueur 
sugar-crusted lemon wedges

Mix equal parts vodka and Frangelico into a shot glass. Drink the shot, and follow it immediately by sucking on a sugar-coated lemon wedge.
Two of my favorite things. Enjoy!

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