I overslept this morning. It’s true, it happens. My alarm didn’t wake me up because I’m blessed with having a very curious 6 year old who likes to fiddle with things – like the volume knob on my clock radio. I prefer to think that he just knows when his mommy needs a little more sleep. 
But this morning, when I sleepily turned over and focused my eyes on the clock to see 7:54 am, I wasn’t thinking, “Oh, an extra hour of sleep – bless him!” I was thinking, “ACK!! I have a meeting in an hour!!” Jumped up, turned the shower on and did all those first thing in the morning things. As I was lathering up in the shower I kept thinking, “Ack! I hate being rushed!” Then it hit me – I’m SO Cathy this morning!! Remember Cathy? Then the situation just turned comical and I laughed! What’s the point of getting all irritated?
I showered, make-uped, and dressed in record time and at 8:35 walked into the kitchen. The hubby (bless him!) had jumped up when I did and gotten the kids up, dressed and they were breakfasting when I walked in. To my 6 year old bubba I said, “Did you turn the sound knob on mommy’s radio?” 
Here’s the best part, are you ready?
“I didn’t do it!! I think it was a thief. He broke in and he did it.” 
Yes, baby, it was a thief.

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