Thankfulness: the theme of the day

Sometimes life is so busy. Sometimes there are just SO MANY THINGS (people, needs, work) clamoring for our attention that it makes it extremely difficult to focus on the most important things.

That’s kind of what Thanksgiving is for though, right? Time to focus and take stock and appreciate.

Sometimes that’s even hard to do on Thanksgiving. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’m used to having a BIG family get together on Thanksgiving and the day ends up being more about getting the food ready, making sure it’s yummylicious, getting myself and my family out the door, and dealing with a lot of people.

This year things are different for us. We’re not going anywhere for Thanksgiving or having anyone over. No one. It will just be the 4 of us. WOW.

Now, maybe, we can focus on the important things. Now I can ponder my thankfulness with (mostly) my full attention. I can selfishly eat the yummy food my husband makes and not have to share. I can cuddle my kids for hours. I can do the dishes much, much later. I can watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with minimal interruption.

So here’s my thankful list:

My boys.

My husband.

My home.

My health and my predominantly healthy immediate and extended family. Knock on wood.

My job, and paycheck.

My mom.

All my many, many parents.

My good friends. You know, the ones you love like family and they love you back without exception.

My iphone. (just keepin’ it real, folks)

This blog, as my outlet, and anybody who reads it. I’m so grateful.

My hope. I don’t ever want to lose it.

Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you.

Eeek! Falling down on the job

For a beginning blogger I’m not doing a very good job, am I? I’ve been woefully neglectful! 

In my defense, it was Thanksgiving week and we had company for 7 days, I was off work for 5 days, and we made a very quick 16 hour roundtrip drive/relatives-visit in there as well. But my family just left 30 minutes ago and the turkey & pumpkin pie are almost all gone so I guess it’s time to tune back in to reality. 

Before reality sets in, can I just muse on how absolutely wonderful it was to have my family with us this week? It was my mom & stepdad. My mom is wonderful. She’s SUCH a mom, and grandma. It’s her true calling. That and talking – her nickname is Chatty Cathy because she can talk up anybody. Truly, it’s a gift. I am infinitely more reserved.

When my mom visits, or I visit her, she takes care of ME. Who else does that? My husband . . . sometimes, but he’s busy. You know how it is. But my mom – she worries about me, asks me what she can do to help, and generally just pitches in to make my life a little better during our time together. I’m so lucky to have her! And she’s such a good, supportive, loving grandma. She kisses, hugs, and spoils all of us. She & my stepdad are such gems and I’m one very lucky girl to have them. ❤

So I’m writing today with some sadness, after saying goodbye to them, and some worry since we’re having a snowstorm this morning and they had to leave in it. I hope they make it safely to their destination tonight; I’ll be on pins and needles until I know they are safe.

But I’m also feeling loved, safe and secure today too. They provide us with so much – love, money, and just plain old always-here-for-you support. My family is full of problem-solvers and I love them for it! Generally when I call my mom to discuss an issue before I have even explained the problem she’s saying, “well, could you do this? or what about this?” So we’ve spent the last week discussing, mulling, and agreeing on different things we can do to solve various problems and, really, that’s a gift in itself, right? Just someone to HELP. To talk to and say, “what do you think?” *sigh* I love them.

I have to put a halt to this missive for now; domestic goddess duties are calling. I have to take my boys to a wedding reception tonight and I’m making something gluten-free to bring with me. I’m off to find a gluten-free brownie recipe! Then maybe I’ll blog about that too. 😉 I know I’m going to add cherries and coffee to it for sure. Stay tuned.

Oh, and happy holidays!