Glasses & why I can’t win

This is a complaint. Quick, with pictures and a request for YOUR opinion. You tell me if I should be annoyed or not. Because, I gotta be honest, I’m feeling a little annoyed. 
Today I went to the eye doctor. I picked out new glasses and I sent a pic of them to, uh, let’s just say “someone close to me who has opinions. Lots of them.”
These are the new glasses I picked out:
Awesome, right? I wanted a heavier frame and something a little funky on the sides. My last heavier frame was a little boring. I wanted something dramatic. I’m excited for them. 
BUT – I’m getting ahead of myself. First, some history. 
I had some heavier frames a couple years ago. I liked the heavier (by that I mean thicker, more pronounced. Not heavier in actual lbs) look but I didn’t love the glasses. However, that someone close to me loved them. Thought they looked great. Here they are:
That cutie pie is my grand-niece.
When it was time to get new glasses I opted for a lighter pair. Only a half frame so that the glasses “disappeared a little” in my face and weren’t so pronounced. Someone close to me thought I should stick with the heavier frame but I opted not to. 
These are the glasses I went with:
New glasses. Gigantic forehead.
I regretted it pretty quickly. I wished I had kept a heavier frame. These weren’t funky enough. 
So that brings us back to today. I picked out that pair at the top, sent a picture off to someone close to me, and then proceeded to order the frames. I was just getting ready to pay for them when I received this text message:

I don’t think your glasses should steal attention from your face. Everyday glasses should be somewhat neutral.

Um, for reals? I’m buying these right now and I get an objection? Via text?
So I went ahead and bought them. Tell me. What do you think? Would you have gone with the heavier glasses? And should I be annoyed at the last minute veto?

I think glasses are fun and funky and you can change them every stinkin’ year so what’s wrong with something outside the norm? Plus the new ones I picked out go well with my new, shorter ‘do.