BAD. ASS. ♥️

I got a tattoo! My first.

On my hip, and it hurt like a mother forker!!

But it means a lot to me, for a variety of reasons that are close to my heart. The pain was momentary, and worth it!

I chose my hip because this tattoo is for me, and me alone. I want it as a daily reminder of who I am; I don’t want to forget what I can do, how strong I am, or how worthy I am.

Also, in regard to the divisional matchups this weekend: GO EAGLES! #flyeaglesfly



An affirmation

Because I need this today and maybe you do too:

You are smart, clever, and resourceful.

You are brave. You are strong.

You are caring and kind.

You will not be intimidated by any boys’ club or bully.

You love fiercely, with passion and without restraint.

You will carve your own path – as a parent, as a member of your community, and as a superstar in your work.

You are loved.

You are all these things.

So am I.